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Step 5: CREATE to Imagine Solutions

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

After working through initial disequilibrium we identified an actionable focus. We considered our own school's use of plastic sporks and straws wrapped in plastic. We estimated our daily and yearly school lunch generated single use plastic waste (math), developed informed opinion statements (writing), and emailed our school district to discuss alternative options (21st Century communication). Students created and presented a visual proposal to our principal and school district, requesting a change in policy from single use plastic spork and straw packets wrapped in plastic to reusable metal silverware. We also reached out to other schools who had successfully transitioned away from single-use plastic for information and insight into the process.

Students' consideration of this issue began to surface across the curriculum and their lives. They began to notice evidence of plastic waste on our playground and in our community. Parents reported conservation conversations being had at home.

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