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2021-2022 WINNERS

WOW! This year's submissions were excellent! We received 95 incredible pieces of original art. It was a VERY hard decision. The 2nd grade critics used a three part evaluation rubric. They assessed each piece on their Arctic accuracy, application of design principles, and activation of empathy for Earth. The adult panel contributed their expertise as visual artists and environmental change-makers. The scores were calibrated and two grand prize winners were selected, three additional finalists were honored,  and 45 artists were featured in an online exhibition at the National Nordic Museum! 

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 6.36.51 AM.png

National Nordic Museum Exhibition!

Forty-five exemplary pieces were selected for an online exhibition at the National Nordic Museum! 

"Arctic Animals" by Felicity Silvers

Great Wolf Lodge Prize

"Box of Pollution" by Omar Young

Eight year old Omar Young created a 3D Arctic scene using clay, paper, tempera, and watercolor. He reused an onion bag and bits of styrofoam to represent human generated pollution. The 2nd grade critics appreciated Omar's accurate scaling of wildlife and effective use of emphasis (red net). They responded to his piece with a strong desire to restore and protect the Arctic habitat for its wild inhabitants.


First Place Honor

"Arctic Tern" by Henry Jones

Six year old Henry Jones created a mixed media paper collage and watercolor depiction of an Arctic Tern. Henry's written statement explained that Arctic Terns travel 25,000 miles per year between the Hight Arctic and Antarctica. The 2nd grade critics appreciated Henry's use of color, texture, and harmony in his piece. Henry inspires conservation by teaching others about the wonder of the Arctic and its inhabitants. 

Second Place Honor

"Earth Was Created for All Life
Not Just Human Life"
by Jewel Alex

Seven-year old Jewel Alex created a stirring drawing depicting the tension between human created pollution and ecosystem health. She drew a rapidly melting Antarctic habitat in the top of an hour glass paired with a heat and pollution generating factory at the bottom. She urges her viewers to assume a multi-species perspective moving forward. 

sleeping fox.jpeg

"Sleeping Fox" by Angel Marroquin-Salazar

"The Hope of Little Bear" by Daphne McDowell


"The Arctic" by Adelle Wang

"Mainit" by Kai Labrador

Honorable Mention

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 6.36.51 AM.png

"Separation" by Jaelyn Beckendorf

"The Arctic Animals" by Felicity Silvers

Jonathan Park.jpeg

"Help Save the Arctic" by Jonathan Park


"Stop Pollution" by Christoffer Fernandez

Yael Sahagun.png

"Better environment, better tomorrow" by Yael Sagahun

cora polar bear.jpeg

"Arctic" by Cora Garcia


"Slowly Melting Apart" by Marina Young

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